In the News: Helping Phipps Conservatory Meet Green Standards

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

ITM4 worked with 10 HVAC manufacturers of green-friendly products and two engineers firms to donate exterior panels, doors and viewports to the Phipps Conservatory project to meet the facility’s net-zero energy-achievement goal.

“As the centerpiece of a $23.5-million expansion project at the 119-year-old non-profit conservatory, the 24,350-sq-ft Center will be the largest building in operation pursuing Living Building status in the U.S.”

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NEW 1.75″ HVAC Plenum Access Door and Plenum Wall Panels

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

After listening to the needs of our customers, ITM4 has responded brilliantly to requests for a 1.75″ door demonstrating why we are the industry leading HVAC door provider! Using the same proven and innovative technology in our existing products, we are proud to announce the latest 1.75″ additions to the Genesis series of Plenum Access Doors – the GPA175N and GPA175NTB.

The new 1.75″ Genesis Access Door is designed to fit inside a 2″ plenum wall panel or 50mm modular framing system. It is available in an out-swing model for negative pressure applications with a thermal break or non-thermal break version.

1.75″ Genesis Non-Thermal Door Shown in a 2″ Wall

1.75″ Genesis Non-Thermal Door Shown in a 50mm Modular Framing System

In addition to our new 1.75” Genesis access door, we have the 1.75” Genesis series of Plenum Wall Panels – the GPW175 and GPW175TB. The new 1.75” Genesis wall panel is designed to fit inside a 45mm modular framing system or stand alone. It offers lower cost and weight compared to a 2” wall panel without sacrificing thermal performance

 1.75″ Genesis Non-Thermal Wall Panel Shown in a 45mm Modular Framing System

ITM4 Implements RED Stripe On Door Packaging

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

In an effort to protect our products from damage during transit, ITM4 has implemented a quality control measure that tells our customer’s receiving department if the load has been tampered with.  This past year we have had a number of freight issues with carriers, and we have had to replace doors that were damaged in transit and repackaged to conceal the damaged doors inside the load.  Clear shrink wrap is common so most receiving departments would not be able to detect if doors were repackaged. This required ITM4 to rebuild doors and customer orders were delayed.

We see this RED stripe as a deterrent to concealed damaged doors and a savings for both our customers and ITM4. As you can see in the photo below, all the doors are properly crated and then a RED shrink wrap stripe is put on before the load is clear shrink wrapped. If the RED stripe is missing, then this is an indication that the doors were repackaged in transit and there could be concealed damage.

If our customers get a crate of doors with no RED stripe on it, we ask them to write it up as a freight issue until all doors are inspected.

Near Zero Leakage on ITM4 Doors and Viewports at Independent Lab

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

In November 2010, our Genesis and Apex Plus access doors were tested by an independent lab with near ZERO LEAKAGE up to 15” of water column pressure.


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