Our gaskets have “excellent memory” meaning that even if the gasket is compressed for long periods of time, it will still resume its original shape when the door is open. This gasket memory is part of the reason for having such a good seal between the door and the door frame. Our gaskets are both UV and chemical resistant.

Optional Secondary Gasket

ITM4’s secondary gasket is produced from a highly engineered Thermoplastic Elastomer for use in demanding applications. The primary funciton of ITM4’s secondary gasket is to prevent the HVAC system and ambient air from bypassing the “Non-Through-Metal” thermals breaks in the door assembly.  It also gives our customers the option to comply with specifications requiring two independent gaskets at different planes within the door assembly. The gasket is a UV stable low hardness grade possessing exceptional tensile strength, superior compression set, chemical resistance and high temperature performance.  The sealing surface has a ultra-thin coextruded layer of High Density Polyethylene possessing exceptional friction and abrasion performance for optimum durability and ease of opening an closing of the door.

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