APEX Plus HVAC Access Doors

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1″ APEX Plus Commercial HVAC Access Door

1.5″ APEX Plus Commercial HVAC Access Door

2″ APEX Plus Commercial HVAC Access Door

4″ APEX Plus Commercial HVAC Access Door

Learn about the APEX Plus family of doors

The APEX Plus design features come from the original APEX door that was developed in 1999. One feature that is well known is the knife edge ridge on the door panel extrusion. This ridge on the door panel lines up with the one piece Santoprene gasket on the door mounting frame to achieve a near zero leak seal. The APEX design allows for the door to be custom modified to meet the changing requirements of the HVAC industry. For example, viewports, test ports, latches on all sides, twin doors both vertical and horizontal versions. The APEX design also allows for door thickness modifications from a 2″ door to a 3″ door. The APEX Plus Access Door was also identified as a “Green” product and is being used on Green Buildings for their HVAC units.

The APEX doors are also used on Miami Dade County projects as well as other severe weather applications. The APEX has withstood the test of time in achieving superior performance and at the same time continues to be a design that allows for custom modifications to meet the ever changing market applications.

The APEX Plus Access doors are available in 1″, 1.5″, 2″ and 4″ door thicknesses. Thermal break and non-thermal break versions, in-swing or out-swing operation of doors, UL component recognized and available in a wide variety of metals, paint and accessories.

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