Genesis vs. Apex Plus

A Solid Foundation

Our new Genesis family of HVAC Plenum Access Doors and Wall Panels is designed around the features and benefits of the Apex Plus series, but has been modified to reduce costs while maintaining quality.  The Genesis access doors use the same door mounting frame, gasket, hinge and latching as the Apex Plus access doors and offer the same material options and accessories.

The Genesis Difference

The primary difference between the Genesis and Apex Plus access doors is the door panel design. The Genesis access doors feature a “pan-in-pan” design that provides extra strength and smooth sealing surfaces. The Genesis door panel has no extruded aluminum frame but rather two deeper pans that interlock. In contrast, the Apex Plus door panel has an extruded aluminum frame with shallow pans on each side of the door panel extrusion. The Apex Plus door panel extrusion has a “knife edge” feature that pushes into the gasket for superior sealing.  The Genesis non-through-metal thermal break technology uses a thermoplastic H-clip to separate the inner and outer pans of the door panel. The Apex Plus non-through-metal thermal break technology uses a ”pour and debridge” pocket in the door panel extrusion.

Outstanding Results

The performance testing for both the Genesis and Apex Plus access doors showed near zero leakage up to 15” WC  when tested at an independent laboratory.

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