Genesis HVAC Access Doors

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1″ Genesis Commercial HVAC Access Door

1.5″ Genesis Commercial HVAC Access Door

1.75″ Genesis Commercial HVAC Access Door

2″ Genesis Commercial HVAC Access Door

4″ Genesis Commercial HVAC Access Door

Learn about the Genesis family of doors

The Genesis design features are all same as the APEX except the door panel design has no extruded aluminum frame. The unique pan in pan design allows for the two pans to create a solid access door that is esthetically pleasing and allows for modifications to be added as needed. The custom thermal break clip design allows for a large range of material thicknesses to be used based on the application. The Genesis design gives our customers an alternative economical choice without giving up performance. The Genesis design also allows you to modify and add all the same accessories that are currently available on the APEX Plus design. The Genesis Access Door was also identified as a “Green” product and is being used on Green Buildings for their HVAC units with the best air filters.

The Genesis Access Doors are available in 1″, 1.5″, 1’75″, 2″ and 4″ door thicknesses. Thermal break and non- thermal break versions, in-swing or out swing operation of doors,

UL component recognized and available in a wide variety of metals, paint and accessories.

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