Genesis 1″ Commercial HVAC Access Doors

1 Inch HVAC Plenum Access Doors

The 1″ HVAC Plenum Access Doors within our Genesis family of products are the perfect fit for economic commercial HVAC air handling units that require 1″ thick non-thermal break panel construction. This HVAC air handler Access door is only available in an outswing model ideal for negative pressure applications. The outswing model can be used on higher positive pressure applications with additional latches added to the door. Extensively ETL tested and meets UL 1995 safety standard compliance for heating and cooling equipment and NFPA 90.

  • ETL tested‚ UL 1995
  • Stainless steel piano hinge
  • 20 gauge galvanized steel panels standard
  • Polyurethane foam insulation
  • One piece Santoprene gasket, a UL recognized component


Certifications & Compliance

1 Inch Non-Thermal HVAC Plenum Access Door

The non-thermal break 1″ Genesis Access Door delivers superior sealing with smooth edge surfaces and enhanced strength. The pan-in-pan through-metal panel design of this non-thermal 1″ door offers more value while using the same high-performance components as our industry standard APEX family of products.

Modular Framing Systems: The GPA1 door is recommended for 27 mm commercial HVAC modular framing systems.


1 Inch Thermal-Break HVAC Plenum Access Door

Thermal Break

The 1″ Genesis Access Door is not available with non-through-metal thermal break technology.


Product Image GPA Doors


Polyurethane Foam

The Genesis Access Doors include industry approved polyurethane foam insulation for a superior seal, thermal characteristics and door rigidity to meet stringent Indoor Air Quality applications for today and into the future. Learn more about our Polyurethane Foam.

Latch TechnologyVentlok and Allegis Latches

At ITM4 we use Ventlok and Allegis Latches to give you the custom fit you need while maintaining the tightest seal in the industry. Our engineering team will help you select the most appropriate latch for your project. Learn more about our Latch Solutions.

Viewport Apex TechnologyViewport Ready

Our Viewports offer increased visibility and accessibility to any Apex door. Designed to fit existing Apex products or custom products our thermal break and non thermal break viewports are easy to install or replace in the field. Learn more about Viewports.

Modular Framing Systems

Our Genesis HVAC Access doors are available in a variety of thicknesses to suit your custom modular air handling unit design. Contact us directly or become a Member to learn more about our custom options.

Custom Sizing

Our Genesis doors and plenum walls can be custom built to meet your specifications. We can create a custom sizing solution for any project. Contact us directly or become a Member to learn more about our custom options.

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Looking for HVAC Wall Panels?

1″ Genesis Plenum Wall Panels

Complete your custom or modular-frame commercial HVAC air handling unit with 1 inch plenum wall and roof panels.

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