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Three Reasons to Join Our Website

  1. Get the Specs You Need: All members have access to our product engineering specifications. Get the details you need to modify one of our existing APEX Plus products or create a custom solution specific to your project.
  2. Stay Up to Date: We are continually improving our products and developing new technologies. From new materials to paint applications you can take advantage of our innovations or work with us to create new ones.
  3. Future Roll-out: We plan on expanding our member benefits in the future to include streamlined order processing, order history and more. Get ready!

ITM4 Website Registration

  • Your email address will be your user name and our primary form of contact with your account.
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  • We want to know who your employer is to accommodate your better.
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Registration FAQ

How do I choose a user name?

Your username will be your email address. We do not accept generic email addresses like or

I registered, but still can't login. Help!

Our member area contains engineering specs that help you create, customize and order our products. Due to the valuable information we provide our members, each membership request must be approved prior to gaining access. We normally approve membership requests within 24 hours via email.

Can I change my password?

If you want to change your password, please send us an email at registration (at) and include your username and email address you registered with.


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