Apex: The highest point, at the top, the culmination.
Astragal: Flat vertical trim molding attached to one twin door leaf that other door leaf closes against.
Galvannealed: Sheet steel that is heat treated after coating to produce a zinc-iron alloy and eliminated the spangle. Can be painted without further surface preparation except for normal cleaning.
Density: How tightly compacted a material is, ratio of mass of an object to its volume. Typically expressed in pounds and the high the number the more rigid.
Door Frames: Mounting frame and door panel frame are 6063-T5 extruded aluminum.
Door Size: Measured from outer most part of mounting frame, excluding mounting Flange, (part of frame that slides into the wall) sized 1/4″ under wall opening.
Embossed Aluminum: Aluminum sheet metal with a stucco pattern and a rough finish on both sides.
Galvanized: Zinc coating on cold rolled sheet steel, applied through a “hot dipped” process that produces a spangle pattern or an “electrolytic process producing light gray finish without spangle.
Hinge Location: Door swing is reference by (L/H) left hand or (R/H) right hand which is the location of the hinge when viewing either an in-swing or out-swing door from the exterior side.
In Opening or In-swing: Door opens into positive pressure “Blow Through” plenum. P = Positive.
‘K’ Factor: A rate at which heat flows through material, the lower the number the better the insulation value. The thickness of insulation divided by ‘K’ = the ‘R’ factor.
Out Opening or Out-swing: Door opens out to exterior on negative pressure “Draw Through” plenum.
N: Negative.
PA: Plenum Access.
‘R’ Factor: A measure of the resistance of heat flow. As the thickness of an insulation increases the ‘R’ factor increases, the higher the better the insulation value.
Removable Mullion: Vertical frame member that divides the twin door mounting frame in half, and provides a gasket seal for the two door leafs to latch and seal against. The mullion is removable to allow full access through the door opening.
Spangle: Bright sparkle finish with snowflake like pattern that gliders, is present on Hot Dipped Galvanized sheet steel.
Twin Door: Two independent door leafs hinged along the left and right jambs in one common mounting frame.

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