Top 10 Reasons ITM4 Kicks the Competition.

Co-Engineering. Dependability. Customer Service.

Quality product solutions that meet our customers’ demands: ITM4 is committed to providing quality products with designs that meet the highest performance standards and can be manufactured consistently, yet also contain the flexibility to be modified in accordance with our customer’s demands for value and in meeting their specific HVAC application needs.
Knowledgeable Customer Service that will address your issues and quickly respond with solutions: Our Customer Service provides accurate and knowledgeable responses to our clients. As one of the first points of contacts for ITM4, our experienced staff has spent over the last 10 years working with our customers not only as a provider of quality products but also as a valuable resource for answering questions and resolving issues in a timely and courteous manner.
Co-engineered custom solutions in meeting your engineering specifications: ITM4′s chief engineer has 25+ years of experience in the HVAC industry and we’re happy to ‘talk shop’ with customers about their specific needs, designs and applications. This enables us to work closely together with our customers and assist them in crafting a perfect solution every time.
Leading the way in a wide range applications: Our standard APEX plus and Genesis lines can be modified to create unique customized products that meet a wide range of HVAC applications. We have designed and built the access doors for the basic air handler as well as highly customized HVAC versions built to withstand hurricane force. From clean room applications to national security anti-biological warfare on government buildings, to hospital and pharmaceutical facilities, we have handled a wide range of applications and requirements which gives ITM4 a wealth of experience and knowledge in meeting the needs of an ever changing HVAC industry.
Serving Since 1999: We’ve been building custom HVAC Access Doors for over 10 years and our founders have over 50 years of combined experience. You can trust that we’re not going anywhere. Our experience and longevity is part of what makes ITM4′s APEX Plus line the best on the market.
Truly customizable APEX Plus and Genesis product lines with many standard high-quality options and accessories to meet your specific needs: We have an extensive variety of door products from which you can start creating your own perfect combination and design. Standard models range from 1″ to 4″ thickness with either non-thermal break or thermal break. From there, you can customize your final product from choosing a height and width that can range from 120″ tall to only 12″ wide, you can have custom specs and add-ons like double doors, in-swing doors, rain guards, special latching, test ports and secondary gasketing to name just a few.
UL Certified to meet your quality control standards: We take the quality of our products seriously and have worked carefully to standardize our quality measures. With UL component rated products, Dade County Hurricane certification, and a solid experience in creating specs, we can help you meet your ISO, US FED, OSHA standards and many others as well.
At ITM4 we offer the option of a wide variety of paints from custom UL listed paints, RAL colors, powder or wet paint, baked or air dried.
Made in the U.S.A. : We make our products right here in the U.S.A., creating jobs for talented people as well as providing real-time support for our customers. Having our HVAC Access Doors made here means that we can keep a close eye on quality, cost and time lines as well as giving people the customization that they require for their application needs. Additionally, we offer expert support for HVAC system troubleshooting.
Green Awareness: Being green means making sure that we are taking advantage of recycling scrap (aluminum, metals and packaging materials) from the production process. In addition, at ITM4, we look beyond the traditional recycling methods and search out ways to cut down on waste in all aspects of our business. To reduce usage of wood in our packaging crates, we’ve implemented the use of steel returnable racks which are re-usable as well as durable. To stay ahead of the competition, we have to make sure our business is sustainable in more ways than one.
3-5 day Rush program with standard 10-15 day deliveries: We know that due dates can sometimes be moved up without notice. Early on we created our RUSH program tailored to accommodate these last minute circumstances when a customer needs to order and receive a custom door in less than a week. With ITM4 we are always willing to work with your schedule and your needs to make sure that you will receive a quality door in the time that you need it in.
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The APEX Plus includes industry approved polyurethane foam insulation for a superior seal, thermal characteristics and door rigidity to meet today's and tomorrow's stringent Indoor Air Quality applications.

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